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Raisins History

Raisins History:

About Raisins

Raisins are also famed as Sultana, Kishmish, Dried Grapes and are prepared by drying the grapes of Vinifera varieties, such as Muscat of Alexandria, Muscatel Gordo Blanco, Thompson Seedless (Sultana), Black Corinth, Sultana or White Corinth. These processed dried fruit are prepared from clean, healthy, dried grapes and are accurately stemmed and cap-stemmed. These are sorted, cleaned and washed in water to insure as total nourishing products.

  • Various methods of drying such as tray drying, dehydration, sun drying etc. are adopted world-widely.
  • The word raisin take us back to Middle English and is a loanword from the language Old French. In French raisin means "grape," while, in the same language, the dried grape is named as a raisin sec, or "dry grape." The Old French word successively developed from the Latin word racemes, "a bunch of grapes."
  • Raisins are accessible in various colors, sizes, textures etc.
  • They have a flavor kindred to grapes but the drying procedure that makes them concentrates the quantity of sugar making the taste much sweetish.
  • They are stable food, naturally and defy spoilage due to their low-level moisture and reduced pH.
  • The scientific name the raisins have is Vitus vinifera.
  • The main countries, which are involved in making raisins are USA, Iran, China, Chile, South Africa, Afghanistan India,Turkey, Australia and Greece.


  • The method of make raisins was possibly ascertained by accident. It is accepted that ancient individuals came across the fallen fruit and unintentionally make them dry in the sun. In this way the discovery of these sweet dried fruits was accomplished.
  • Evidence displays that the Egyptians made the raisins as early as 2000 BC.
  • Numerous of the vineyards constituted by these missionaries in California are still making these today.
  • These vineyards were mainly used for making wines, nevertheless in 1873 when it was revealed making raisins made that speedy profits. Thus the beginning of the raisin industry came on the surface.

Raw Materials

  • The firsthand materials for making raisins are grapes.
  • To make 1 kg of raisin, at least 4 kg of grapes are needed.
  • Some of the essential assortments of grapes for making raisins are Sonakka (Sandukhani), Black sharad seedless, Anabeshahi, Thompson Seedless, Tas-A-Ganesh,and Rudstalk etc.

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